32-year-old Kayla Glines Has Every Reason to Celebrate as She Became the World’s First Triplet and is Set to Give Birth to Quadruplets

32-year-old Kayla Glines has every reason to celebrate as she became the world’s first triplet and is set to give birth to quadruplets. Despite incredible odds, Kayla welcomed Reese, Jameson, Oaklee, and Lincoln into the world. Increase the number of family members to 10….

Her incredible journey spanned more than a decade filled with hope, patience, despair, and ultimately unspeakable joy when her dream of having a family with her husband, Allen, came true.

Two years ago, she became pregnant with triplets through fertility treatment, although only two survived and one tragically died in the womb.

So when she conceived again, this time naturally, Kayla was stunned to learn she was expecting four more children.

She shared: “We couldn’t believe it when we went in for an ultrasound and the doctor told me I was pregnant with quadruplets. We had been trying for years to conceive naturally and found out I was pregnant. . Four kids, especially when I had triplets, was unbelievable. We were very worried because we knew how dangerous a quadruple pregnancy could be, but fortunately all the babies were born safely.”

Kayla and her husband, Allen, who live in Salt Lake City, Utah, previously adopted her brother’s two daughters, now ages 8 and 6, before embarking on fertility treatments in 2016. of the triplets were born safely in August 2017 and the quads arrived in March this year. As a result, the couple now has six children under the age of two and a total of eight children.

Kayla reflects, “Sometimes, Allen and I can’t believe what has happened to us. We spent ten years trying to have a family, and now we have a large family of eight people.” you and us!”

Source: YouTube

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