5 fun facts about cats that you don’t know

You wake up to find a pair of green eyes staring at you in the dark. As you go to make coffee, something pops out from under the bed and attacks your feet before disappearing again. No, your house is not haunted, you have a cat as a companion. It comes to show itself while you are getting ready for the day. It’s full of curiosity, but it will stop its antics to rub against your ankles after you offer it an early morning meal. Cats have long been companions of humans, and they bring a special loving wonder to the world around them.

Cats do talk to us

She has a special, urgent cry when she’s hungry. To you, this signal seems to mean “Hey, you with the opposable thumbs! Open a can for me, please?” It’s not your imagination. After the first few months with your adult cat, you’ll notice that you can tell by his “voice” when he’s hungry, scared, or wants to cuddle or play. According to researchers, your cat learns to communicate by remembering the vocalizations you like, and will use them over and over again to achieve the same result.

A 2020 study revealed that the domestic cat is actually a descendant of the African wildcat and may have been domesticated as early as 8,000 BC. During their long history with mankind, cats have adapted by using a form of communication that is not usually seen in the wild after the animal has reached maturity.

Cats have super hearing

Cats can detect a wider range of frequencies than humans, dogs, or many other mammals. This is probably the cat’s heritage as a descendant of hunters. Cats move their ears to amplify distant sounds and to get an idea of the direction from which a sound is emitted, much like an antenna.

Cats can dream

You may see your cat move or twitch in his sleep as if he were jumping or leaping. This is not just a muscle spasm or reaction, as was once thought. Your cat is dreaming. Researchers have no way of knowing what your cat is dreaming about, but they do know that when your cat reaches a deep enough sleep, it exhibits the same type of brain activity that humans do when they are in a dream state. What your cat may be experiencing in a dream remains a mystery, but we can guess that it is probably hunting.

As with a human, there is no need to wake a kitten up even if the dream seems unpleasant. There is no evidence that cats remember their dreams or that they affect their waking life. Violent movements in sleep that seem painful, as well as confusion or growling upon awakening, should, however, be investigated by a veterinarian, as this may indicate a problem.

Cats only understand rewards

From your cat’s perspective, he’s not wired to understand why or how to predict that certain behaviors aren’t allowed. He will only see being sprayed with water or being pawed as aggressive behavior on your part. Pet training experts recommend using rewards rather than punishment to try to get your cat to change his behavior.

No one can explain the purring

Scientists know that your cat can purr. She may climb into your lap when you’re sitting, or follow you around with a vibrating sound that seems to come from her throat. But researchers don’t know exactly where this sound comes from, or why cats purr. What is known is that some big cats, such as the mountain lion, purr, but most big cats do not. Even though the purring sounds like it comes from the throat, those who have done this type of research now believe that the vibrating sound is produced by the cat’s cardiovascular system. Of course, you’ve always known that your cat friend’s purring comes from the heart.

While you’re out and about

Of course, the biggest mystery about cats that their human friends wonder about is what cats do when they’re not around. Cats will certainly let you know if the environment is boring by scratching the furniture, tearing the curtains, or digging up the carpet. In addition to giving your cat enough food and water for the day before leaving, it’s a good idea to have toys scattered around to keep your cat physically busy and mentally alert.

Toys that add a little action to your cat’s life not only keep her entertained but also help her keep her environment interesting even when you’re not around.

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