An Adorable Eight-month-old Girl With Down’s Syndrome Shows Her “New Smile” to Her Adoptive Mother

An adorable eight-month-old girl with Down’s Syndrome shows her “new smile” to her adoptive mother.

An adorable eight-month-old girl with Down’s Syndrome has shown her “new smile” to her adoptive mother.

The video of the little girl, who can only be called Baby H due to the adoption procedure, was filmed at her home in Texas.

The adorable footage shows the child’s mother asking her how her day is going.

Baby H’s face lights up and she beams, lying on her stomach on a play mat.

Her mother says: “Oh, I love your new smile.

It’s so cute. Can you show it to me again?

The footage was shared on the Facebook page of the National Down Syndrome Adoption Network, where it has been viewed more than 15 million times.

Baby H’s adoptive mother said, “When Baby H was almost eight months old, she woke up one morning with this brand new smile.

We noticed it several times and realized she was showing us a grimace. We laughed and laughed every time she did it, and she loved the attention.

It got to the point where she could do it out of the blue and it just so happened that one morning, while I was talking to her in our house, she started making faces for me.

You can see from my laugh how much we love that smile. In fact, she only smiled like that for a few weeks, so this video is a treasure for us.

We hope all viewers will see the beauty of people with Down syndrome.

While a Down’s diagnosis can be scary, the reality is that your child has a purpose and will be able to live a full and happy life.”

Stephanie Thompson, director of the National Down Syndrome Adoption Network, heard about Baby H during the adoption process, but never saw his face.

She said, “I was so happy to put a face to a name.

I meet these children indirectly before they are born, I meet them on paper, and so I fall in love with them very early on.

I make the journey with the parent and the child, and when I’m lucky enough to meet them, it all comes full circle. I can’t explain the joy it brings me.

The National Down Syndrome Adoption Network is an adoption program that also educates individuals on how to parent a child with Down syndrome.

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