Dog barking and how to stop it

When I was a little boy, I had this strange idea in my head that a barking dog was talking to another dog. When one barked, the whole neighborhood would start barking! I seriously thought they were communicating with each other. I’m sure you all thought the same thing when you were kids.

Dogs bark by instinct. I’m sure all of you dog owners have noticed that your dog barks when they hear something out of the ordinary. They do it instinctively to ward off enemies and to warn the pack (you and your family). This is one thing I love about dogs, they are very protective of their owner, “man’s best friend”. It’s great to have that feeling of security knowing your dog will bark to warn you! But let’s face it, when your dog barks at the slightest thing, it tends to get annoying and sometimes frustrating.

My pit bull had puppies while I was in the Philippines. My dad decided to keep 3 of them! When I came back from the Philippines, those 3 pit bulls were scared to death of me! These dogs could bark! Every time I opened the door to my room, I would hear their trio of barking lol.

Sad to say, my sisters did not educate or train them properly when they were still puppies. They were not properly socialized Socializing your dog and getting him used to all kinds of people will be the best way to keep him from barking. He won’t see every person as a threat. Don’t worry, your dog still has a protective instinct and will most likely continue to warn you and protect his territory. And if he is well trained, a firm, loud “NO” or “STOP BARKING” or another command should stop the dog and let him know that there is no threat.

Causes of barking

There are many causes of barking, howling, and whining. Sometimes we teach them without even knowing it. When a dog barks because he needs to go outside, we open the door. When it barks because it is hungry, we feed it. When a dog barks and we unknowingly “reward” him, he learns that barking brings him some form of attention. Therefore, your dog has developed the habit of barking for attention. When a child throws a tantrum and you give him what he wants, he will continue to throw tantrums as he grows up. This same concept applies to your dog. Don’t feel bad we all like to spoil our pets sometimes.

Another reason is that your dog is lonely. Dogs that have never been socialized or are cooped up all day need some sort of outlet for the energy they have built up. They are most likely to adopt the hobby of barking.


When dealing with a puppy, it’s certainly cute to hear his little high-pitched cry that we call a “bark”. Especially when he takes his “champion form” and emits a fierce “bark”. There is no better time to break this habit. If properly trained, a dog will know when he should and should not bark. While your puppy is still a puppy, you should speak to him in a firm, strong voice that discourages barking. A firm “NO” or a firm “STOP BARKING” will usually get the message across. Your dog can learn this way without having to be spanked or slapped on the muzzle. Usually, one spanking or slap will get the message across to your dog. In the wild, it is usually the pack leader who puts young dogs in their place by biting and sometimes even chewing them.

When your dog puts his ears down and lies on the ground or rolls over, he is showing his submission to you as “pack leader”.
“Leader of the pack.” He knows his place. It is a well-known fact that all the bad habits and stubborn ways of a child must be broken before the age of 7, otherwise, those stubborn will and bad habits remain.
And those bad habits stay. The same goes for your dog; while he is still a puppy, he must be taught what is and is not allowed inside and outside the house. Any dog owner will tell you that it’s easier to teach your puppy while he’s still young.

Older dogs

First of all, when your dog barks, do NOT give him what you want. It may break your heart to hear him cry and whine, but if we do what the dog wants because he barks, he will never stop barking because he will always want something.

“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” You can, but I guarantee it will be difficult. There are many things you can do such as obedience training, dog muzzles, or anti-bark collars. Anti-bark collars for dogs are a great way to train your dog. No, they do not hurt your dog. It is a simple static shock that alerts your dog and gets his attention when he barks. You control the level setting and you hold the remote control.

There are several types that shock or spray your dog. They are also great for keeping your dog from digging, jumping, or doing another mischief. All it does is get your dog’s attention with the collar. He learns from the spray or shock. He does something wrong, you push a button and eventually, he associates the two and realizes that he shouldn’t do that or he’ll get a spray or a shock.

For those of you who are not big fans of “shock” training. A simple mesh or leather muzzle that limits the opening of the dog’s mouth will certainly do the trick. When he barks, let him know in a firm, loud voice “you will have the muzzle”, or perhaps “NO BARKING”, then put the muzzle on him. He will certainly learn that way. If we punish and teach our children what is right and wrong, let’s not be afraid to do the same with our pets.

My dog only barks when needed, or for. the neighbors’ dogs. The other three dogs my dog gave birth to while I was in college were not trained by me. They can bark like crazy! I know how difficult it is to train these dogs. Here are some tools you might want to have on hand, just in case, to help you break those bad habits.

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