El Perro was cruelly abandoned for his ancient past. To know his story, visit our website and watch (video)

Bjarni, a dog from Texas, was found abandoned and in poor health, with wounds and bites visible all over his body. His former owners had cruelly disposed of him, leaving him to wander the streets alone. Despite his apparent neglect and cruelty, Bjarni, with his resilient spirit, needed love and companionship.

Texas animal control officers, concerned about his condition, quickly turned to the shelter for help. Anne Graber, compassionate founder of St. Francis Angels, a local animal rescue organization, couldn’t turn a blind eye to Bjarni’s plight. She decided to open her doors to him, determined to give him the care and love he deserved.

Despite the difficulties associated with his troubled past and health problems, Bjarni showed remarkable resilience and a great enthusiasm for connecting with others. Even after being betrayed, he showed great kindness of spirit and an unfailing love for humans. It turned out that he had probably been used as dog-fighting bait, but his spirit remained intact.

At St. Francis Angels, Bjarni flourished in a rewarding environment. He integrated perfectly with other dogs and demonstrated his ability to love and trust. His story took a positive turn when he met two special people eager to give him a forever home.

Today, Bjarni has undergone a remarkable transformation, leaving behind the scars of his past. His carers have welcomed him with open hearts, offering him the love and security he has always deserved. Bjarni’s journey from abandonment to a life filled with love is a testament to the resilience of animals and the transformative power of compassion. She found her happy ending, a testament to the fact that every soul deserves a chance to enjoy and be satisfied.

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