He Stood Desperately Waiting for Help: The Puppy Was Covered in Glue, Garbage, Pain in Despair And Miraculous Transformations

Heart-wrenching pictures of the pup Pascal, who was left to die after being wrapped in industrial glue and dragged into the mud by cruel children, show him in a terrible state and scared after his ordeal in Turkey.

The dog is believed to be only four months old. Heart-wrenching photos of Pascal the puppy show him in a terrible state and frightened after his ordeal in Turkey.

The dog is believed to be only four months old and can hardly move due to fear and poor health, giving him symptoms similar to rigor mortis.

The abuse Pascal suffered was so great that he lost his hearing in one ear . Industrial estate in Istanbul, Turkey, and cared for by the He’Art of Rescue charity. and he could barely move from the fear and illness that gave him symptoms similar to rigor mortis.

The children had put so much glue on them that it acted like cement and one of their ears became necrotic from being bloodless. His skin was also extremely damaged by the strong chemicals found in the glue, and he had to go through a series of medicinal baths to help him heal.

But less than a month after being rescued, Pascal is making an incredible recovery and is now unrecognizable and even befriended another puppy. thick glue. He was found to suffer from the canine virus parvo, but after a few weeks of treatment he overcame the viral infection.


Pascal has been restored to health by the team at the clinic and now they are asking for donations to cover their medical bills. Cute Pascal has already gathered fans from all over the world and millions of people have watched his videos online.

When he was found, the vets feared the worse for Pascal, but now there is hope that he can be rehomed with a new and loving owner. Many will have kicked Pascal off the medical staff, and He’Art of Rescue will spend their time helping the puppy recover before he finds a new home. devoted to doing.

medical staff and He’Art of Rescue dedicate their time to helping the puppy recover before it finds a new home. The malnourished dog has already garnered fans from around the world, and millions of people have watched its videos online.

Specializing in rescuing cats and dogs in dire conditions, He’Art of Rescue seeks help rehabilitating Pascal and other animals . Our medical team does everything for him He’Art of Rescue is described as one of the best animal hospitals in Turkey With the love and care of the rescue group, he gradually learned to trust and let people take care of him and beat him.

He contracted the virus and started acting like a normal puppy During his recovery, he also made a puppy friend All that remained was for the loving but traumatized pup to find a forever home In March, the group released new pictures of the now unrecognizable Pascal with a now thick nest . , fluffy, shiny new fur.

FINALLY HAPPY TIME AFTER EVERYTHING YOU GO !!! PASCAL spends the weekend with his family on the beach in Spain Pascal has learned to live the good life, to love living on the furniture and being pampered, his eyes are bright and comfortable now, he is not afraid Asa is holding Pascal, who looks much more grown up now and has a thick fur coat.

In the foster home, Pascal learned to play with a friend and behave like a normal, happy dog by wagging his tail.

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