Her owner move away and left her alone in the basement with a massive tumor on her shoulder!

We received a call for help for a poor dog with a huge tumor on her shoulder. Her owner passed by. She has been living in a basement in this condition for God knows how long. We and our friends at Fly Away Home Rescue NJ are teaming up to help sweet Sasha. 

She was surrendered with a huge tumor on her shoulder. Don’t ask how she is with dogs or children. She seems fine with them, She deserves her own place to heal and get through this! Bless this sweet soul and I hope we are not too late. Sasha’s condition brought us to tears immediately. Her eyes are begging for help. She was actually using her huge tumor as a pillow. Thank you very much for caring. Please keep our special, gentle Sasha in your hearts. 

Day 3: At the vet she had the first of two immediate blood transfusions, before her life-saving amputation. Before surgery, Sasha also had X-rays, blood work and an ultrasound to confirm that the cancer had not metastasized elsewhere in her body. It was not. Shortly after the huge tumor and her now useless leg were removed, Sasha was able to walk again, and her spirits lifted enormously. 

She wanted to live. ..and as if she appreciated that she now had that opportunity. Sasha received so much more than just excellent medical care. Sasha made friends. She knew love and comfort at last. So much so that her new friends joined in to say goodbye, and tears were shed, as she walked out of those same doors to which she was carried, a few days before. Thanks to your support, Sasha had the chance to start her life again. 

Sasha went straight to the home of team members and foster couple extrodinaire, This will simplify getting Sasha back to check bloodwork, and to get rid of his staples in 10-14 days. 

Day 6: Here’s something that happened on Sunday to melt your heart! Just days after her life-saving surgery to remove a huge tumor and amputate the leg, which was causing her to be unable to walk properly, Sasha is a brand new dog. Sasha rolls, walks, does the deck steps, and wags her tail. The sad, pained, scared dog we first met is gone. Sasha is happy, resting, healing, eating, and finally enjoying life and the new freedom, and comforting her little body now without that enormous mass and the useless leg. 

This is worth everything. This is what can happen when you take a leap of faith. This saves. Day 25: Sasha snuggled up with a cozy handmade blanket she received as a gift. The very kind people sent our special daughter this beautiful gift made with such love. We appreciate all the support and love sent our sweet Sasha’s way. Sasha loves her blanket and fish-filled toy, and we appreciate you! 

Day 36: Sasha’s trio and a new friend, a Paralyzed Beetle enjoying this beautiful sunny day. Day 40: Today, Sasha had blood work, and her second session of IV chemotherapy with the drug Carboplatin. Sasha is up another half a pound since last week, and is doing better every day. We now see that there is a new “smile” on her face that has replaced the sad, scared face we first met. Sasha is more playful, even more affectionate, and she has mastered the pit bull full body of happiness. 

Day 55: Sasha is blooming more and more every day. She is no longer skinny, she is no longer scared, and she is learning the good things in life. Hiking, walking, lying in the sun, cuddling on the couch, meeting new friends, playing, and feeling good again. Sasha thanks everyone who was part of her new beginning. You have all made a difference in this very precious life. Have a wonderful day, choose compassion as you celebrate, and be kind to all. 

Day 100: “The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in one’s determination. With the love, help and support of a team of so many amazing people, including many of you, we did it. Sasha did it! Her will, her strength, her determination, her courage, her heart, her unconditional love and her beautiful spirit had not only overcome the sad life of neglect, and suffering she somehow survived for six hard years, but Sasha managed to achieve something else … 

After emergency amputations / tumor removal / transfusions and then months of treatment for osteosarcoma, without a single day of suffering or unhappiness, and all while living her new life to the fullest, a very special graduation. We are very proud, so proud and we are so much Sasha. You are truly a miracle.

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