Loved Ones Close Up for the Grieving Father of Five When the Mother Dies Just 10 Days After Giving Birth to Triplets.

At the beginning of the year, on January 29/2016,  Casi and Joey Rott in Wichita, Kansas had triplets. Their two daughters, Tenley and Chloe, had three younger siblings. The family managed to experience baby happiness – but unfortunately only for a short while. The unthinkable happened and Casi tragically passed away just ten days after birth. Now Joey struggles to take care of five children and at the same time deal with his and the daughters’ grief. But he has received unexpected help from local residents, who have collected money in the name of the late wife and mother. Scroll down to read the full story.

Casi and Joey Rott already had two daughters. So when they learned last July that they were expecting triplets, they were really shocked. But of course they were looking forward to the birth, which was scheduled for March.

The older sisters, Tenley and Cloe, were full of anticipation. They were at home waiting when their mother went into the hospital to give birth to the triplets by caesarean section. Soon they would be twice as many in the family.

On January 29, about a month early, Casi gave birth to two boys named Asher and Levi and a girl named Piper. She recovered quickly and had to go home from the hospital just three days later. But everything wasn’t quite right. The next morning she woke up with a sore chest.

It turned out that Casi had a blood clot in his lungs, probably caused by pregnancy and caesarean section. She was given blood-thinning medications and seemed to be doing well. On February 5, Casi had to hold her three babies at the same time for the first time. She was so happy that she didn’t want anyone to take a picture of her face – that was covered in tears of joy.

A few more days later, on February 8, Casi and Joey took the two-hour drive from the hospital home to the two daughters to get the children’s room ready for the triplets, who would remain in the hospital for a while longer.

Joey picked up the girls from school and preschool, and took them home to the house where their mother surprised them. On Facebook does the family write that it is a memory they will preserve forever. Later that day, Casi died unexpectedly.

On February 18, Joey Rott posted a picture on Facebook where the five siblings are together for the first time. But without his mother. ” Such a bittersweet day… Really miss Casi”, he wrote. Now he alone takes care of five small children – though with help from family and friends.

Loved ones have started one collection on the internet, which has now withdrawn $145,000. Approximately SEK 1.2 million. The initiators write that financial worries and the idea of starting work soon are not something the family should have to deal with right now.

The family is completely overwhelmed by all the support it has received. It is a tragic story and sad to think that the triplets will never get to know their mother. But it is lucky that there is such love in the family that they can support each other and get help from family and friends.

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