Police Found Him Shivering In His Own Urine And Still Terrified With What His Owner Did To Him

We got KiKi on 08 July from police in a critical condition, his owner neighbor reported he got hit with a hammer, when police arrived, he denied and hid Kiki awa, only admitted when a policeman found that hammer, then he took us where he hid Kiki – my heart was broken, covered by his own blood – he even couldn’t breath.

We have to put him in oxygen room immediately. Kiki has been getting blood transfusion for 4+hours .his heart rate is low – we just hope he can make it, the next day, luckily Kiki gained his strength a bit, he opened his eyes and started to whimpering quietly, his body temperature also got stabilized.

Rescue dog

Kiki now able to take a bit of food with medicine, just a little bit and very slow – but it’s a good sign. he started to accept and react to our care, just a weak reaction from his right eye, his left eye still got injured – we will check it later. after 24 hours, Kiki is no longer in the risk of death .we stopped blood transfusion – move to recovery room, 32 hours, he can stand up a bit, but still need medical support for at least few days more.

He now reacted well with our care – such a good boy, there is no broken bone, but his body control is very bad, that is a unlucky result of the hit – it damaged his brain, the vet is testing all his body feeling to find a solution. Help him to stand up a bit but he can’t make it yet. His left body is very weak – he still can’t balance it yet.

Rescue dog

Kiki is very scared so we have to calm him down a lot, luckily he believed in us and worked well with the vet. Kiki had her good sleep maybe first time in his life, today we start his first therapy under water. he is still not used to it so it’s a bit challenging at first. but it quickly went very well, let move your front legs Kiki .Kiki and his first few steps after we saved him, slow and weak but it’s all good Kiki, common – you’re such a great fighter for your life.

His appetize also improved – it’s lovely to see that, now he can eat raw food as well, finished a big can of our food in a very lovely way. time to treat your right eye properly Kiki.m, it will get better soon for sure. first time going outside under the sun again. Kiki and his periodic health check – all good for now. His right eye is a bit swollen due to it started to heal and it’s good that he started to smile again, now react well to our joke, it’s a fake bite, as he’s a very smart boy.

Rescue dog

See who is running so fast in our shelter .it’s our Kiki and his amazing transformation, the progress so far so good until now, now he loves to travel in my car. Such a lovely boy with his still weird walk, but he’s nearly perfect pet now…

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