He Was Pushed Into the Well, I Could See the Fear in His Eyes as He Was Trapped Down There.

One Saturday morning, we received a call from a resident about a dog stuck in a deep well Someone purposely made him fall there.

He was down there for 2 days We prepared the necessary items and quickly set out to rescue the boy When we got there, I was in tears when I saw the dog’s lower half submerged in the mud He was brave enough to be able to overcome his fear and survive The little dog cried out for help when he saw us above A friend of mine climbed down a rope ladder to get the dog up The well was so narrow, we had to struggle for hours to help get our friend down there The well was very deep and dark, located in a desolate area I could see the scared and bewildered eyes of the little dog when he was stuck down there I wondered who intentionally caused the little dog to fall there Why would that person act like that to a completely harmless dog?

I put my questions aside to focus on rescuing the little dog My friend finally approached the dog. We were all very happy to know that the dog was safe Because the well was too small, my friend couldn’t get out along with the dog We dropped another rope down there for her to attach to the dog Then we slowly pulled him up.

I felt so stressed at that time I was afraid that the rope would slip from him and he would fall So another of us climbed down to help pull him up The boy was brought back to safety. We breathed a sigh of relief His body was shivering from the cold after days steeping in the well We took him to the hospital for a checkup He was not feeling well, his temperature was high.

Also, his eyes couldn’t see clearly The doctor said he had a cold and needed treatment for a few days but nothing to worry about In general, his eyesight was problematic but his health was stable We felt pity for the little dog and were determined to compensate him with our sincere love I hoped that he would get well soon so to start a good life with us at the shelter of love.

Watch video rescue below:

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