She was found in a sewage ditch and her pitiful story was exposed

We found him lying in a roadside sewer ditch. A friend of mine was driving down an empty road when he heard a dog barking. The dog’s constant barking made us feel like something was wrong. We stopped to observe but saw nothing but a scream. After that cry, we found a cesspool.

We tried to look closely and finally saw it. His body was muddy all over and it took us 5 minutes to get to know him. We went down to the sewer and lifted it. A passerby saw him and told us he had been here for a month. He wanders around this neighborhood in search of food and water. It is often chased by people because it is a skin disease.

No one wants to get close to him and help him make his life harder. He usually sleeps here every night or looks for bushes by the roadside to sleep. Maybe because he hadn’t eaten for days, he got exhausted and fell into the ditch. We were so sad to hear his story He should be treated better, why don’t they love him? Hundreds of questions are popping up in our minds right now.

But we couldn’t delay, we took him to the hospital right away. He was taken to the emergency room immediately because we called the doctor first. His health condition is very poor and he needs to be treated urgently. The doctors were very enthusiastic and rushed to check on him. In the emergency room, the words people were saying to us gradually emerged.

He has a lot of trauma on his body from the blow He also has a skin disease, so the wounds take a long time to heal. Also, his health is very weak as he has been fasting for days. Now the doctor is trying to remove all the mud from his body without pain. This will take a long time and we will have to wait. We stood beside him and gently encouraged him.

He is also very good and listens to the doctor He is also very good and listens to the doctor I hope he will not have more serious problems 15 days later his skin disease was under control Skin wounds are also in the healing process He was able to go for a walk, we took him outside to absorb the sunlight. Sunlight will help your skin heal faster Thank god for covering it up.

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