The Wonderful Coincidence of Twin Sisters From Utah Welcoming Their Second Set of Twins. They Were Pregnant With Twins and Gave Birth Within Two Weeks of Each Other

The wonderful coincidence of two twin sisters from Utah welcoming their second set of twins. They were pregnant with twins and gave birth within two weeks of each other.

“Between the two of us, we now have nine children ages 5 and under,” Kerri Bunker told.

Family reunions just got a little more confusing for Kerri Bunker and Kelli Wall of Wallsburg, Utah. For the second time in five years, these 36-year-old twin sisters gave birth to twins, instantly doubling the size of their family and their sleepless nights.

Photo: Courtesy of Kerri Bunker

After learning they were expecting twins two weeks apart, the sisters, who married as best friends, teach at the same elementary school, and live on the same street, went into labor and gave birth prematurely – Kelli on January 11 and Kerri on February 13.

Photo: Courtesy of Kerri Bunker

Kelli’s twins, Kyler (4 pounds, 5 ounces) and Kenadee (4 pounds, 2 ounces), recently returned home from the new intensive care unit at Timpanogos Regional Hospital, while Kerri’s twins, Kash (4 pounds, 12 ounces) and Jace (5 pounds, 10 ounces), are expected to go home in the next week or two after gaining a few extra ounces.

“For a week, we were together in NIϹU – they set us up in our little section,” Kerri tells PEOPLE. “It was fun for us to share this, just as we’ve always shared everything else in our lives.”

Photo: Courtesy of Kerri Bunker

Best friends who rarely spend a day apart, the sisters once did double duty with diapers and bottles. Although doctors initially told them they couldn’t have children, they quickly made up for lost time by becoming pregnant with their first twin daughters six years ago, thanks to in vitro fertilization. Kelli’s daughters, Madison and McKell, are now 5, while Kerri’s twins, Kole and Hallie, are 4. Kerri also has a daughter, Sadie, aged 2.

Photo: Courtesy of Kerri Bunker

Kerri Bunker (left with her twins) and Kelli Wall gave birth to twins (right with her twins) a few weeks apart at a hospital in Orem, south of Salt Lake Ϲity.

For their second pregnancy with twins, Kelli again conceived in vitro, while Kerri conceived naturally and discovered she was pregnant after buying a home pregnancy test on a whim.

“Between us, then, we have nine children aged 5 and under,” explains Kelli. To keep the noise down, we’re thinking that from now on, all our meetings will have to take place outside. Ϲhaos will reign,”

Photo: Courtesy of Kerri Bunker

Wall’s twins, Madison and McKell (left) are just 11 months older than Bunker’s three-year-olds, Kole and Hallie. The sisters say their children will grow up together.

Since Kelli’s twins were in NIϹU for more than five weeks, she had time to catch up on her sleep before bringing them home.

“It allowed me to recuperate and rest,” she says, “but now I’m faced with those sleepless nights again. I say to Kerri, ‘Enjoy it. Because you won’t get another chance for a while. ”

The sisters’ husbands, Dustin Wall, 30, a diesel mechanic, and Robert Bunker, 30, a special educator, also work double time, as does their mother-in-law, Ranae Park.

Photo: Courtesy of Kerri Bunker

Dustin and Robert are the best of friends, “which makes us a love square, not a love triangle,” Kerri explains. “They understand the closeness of our relationship and know all about twin intuition. It’s inevitable, with so many twins in the house.”

Kelli gets extra help with her new𝐛𝐨𝐫𝐧s from Madison and McKell, “who would hold the babies all day if I let them,” she says. “They love them. When I caught McKell peeking over Kenadee’s bassinette, she said, ‘Mom, I think she loves us.’ I’m looking forward to seeing these new relationships blossom.”

Photo: Courtesy of Kerri Bunker

Bond: Kelli Wall and Kerri Bunker say they’re not only sisters but also best friends, neighbors, and co-workers. They say their nine children will grow up together. The Bunkers are currently building a new house next door to the Walls’.

The two sisters plan to return to work in the spring at Lindon’s Timpanogos Academy, where Kerri teaches third grade and Kelli fifth.

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“We drive to work, often wear the same thing, and still call each other every night to say ‘good night’,” Kerri tells . There’s no doubt their twins will have that unbreakable bond too, she says, “Wherever they end up, we know they’ll always have a best friend for life.”

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