What Would He Do If He Were Left After Being Hit By A Car, Leaving Him Paralyzed And Incontinent?

A dog was hit by a car. He lay in pain for 3 days, but no one cared. They took pity on me and gave me a few pieces of dry bread and a tray of water. His genitals were affected, his skin was completely missing. The organ looked loose. His hind legs were also affected. 

We took him to the vet. After the consultation, I learned that he had tenderness in his legs. The pelvic area doesn’t look very nice, but it is placed inside. If it does not respond positively, it will need to be discontinued. I believe little Kuki will recover on his own. Kuki needs an MRI so we can properly diagnose the problem. Kuki needs to live and be a normal dog. 

He was rushed to Cluj, to the Clinica Veterinarius. There was a fracture in the ilium bone + the entire bone head. It will be very painful for the growing dog. It will also cause problems in the bladder system. And then his health stabilized and he had to have surgery right after that. Surgery will have risks, but we accept the risks. Because the child has a happy and healthy life like a normal dog. Kuki had spinal surgery. Luckily everything went well. He’s feeling better and needs to eat. Beneath that layer of fur is a pathetically skinny dog. 

He still needs to take painkillers, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications every day. He is being treated and taken care of. He needs to rest after his back surgery. I hope everything is okay. Kuki’s training has also started and he is learning to walk. But his legs are still very weak and slow. But it takes perseverance and we will not give up. The mood has improved a lot. 

Kuki always has an optimistic spirit and a strong will to live. Its eyes are bright and it loves to be caressed and cuddled. He loves everything around him. His face was very happy at that moment and it gave me peace.

I am enjoying these happy moments with Kuki. Happy, peaceful moments with the people we love. After being in the hospital for more than 2 weeks. With great care and love, Kuki is getting better and better. We finally won this difficult journey. 

Kuki returned to Albu Mihaela’s parents and husband. There is a wonderful opportunity to meet the feeling of being loved. How respectful and caring! Thank you for your beautiful, loving and generous hearts! He is an active child, always running, jumping and playing. He does not pay attention to his surroundings while playing. He’s a sweet puppy , my darling pup, who loves and spoils Kuki!

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