Bird the size of Bee, Less than 2g, their Egg even by a special “Tiny thing”

These are bee hummingbirds that live along the west coast of the United States, including Alaska in the summer. The bee hummingbird is a little smaller, does not have a reddish color and lives in Cuba.

This delicate bird is one of the smallest in nature and a true marvel of evolution. It is even the size of a bee, measuring only 5 to 6 cm long and weighing less than 2 g.

Their beautiful iridescent plumage, like that of all hummingbirds, distinguishes them from bees. When they fly, it looks like a flying diamond.

They are truly breathtaking, and if you have the chance to see them, do not pass it up.

When the heat season begins in March, the males have a green body with a bright red neck. The females are blue with a black belly and a black neck.

Males glow a vibrant pink/red color from head to throat and their songs and aerial performances are meant to attract their female counterparts.

They lay eggs the size of coffee beans, about an inch long! However, due to their bright plumage, the mother bird will not allow the father near the eggs as predators will notice the plumage.

Bee hummingbirds, like other hummingbirds, feed primarily on nectar, but will also eat insects and spiders on occasion.

Hummingbirds are said to visit about 1,500 flowers per day, which benefits the ecosystem by promoting plant reproduction.

However, they do not migrate from their native Cuba and are content with subtropical temperatures.

Totally awesome and beautiful

The Bee Hummingbird is currently listed as Near Threatened, meaning its population is declining.

This is a shame for this beautiful bird; let’s work together to protect the environment of these wonderful creatures!

Watch the hummingbird video here:Bird the size of Bee, Less than 2g, their Egg even by a special “Tiny thing”

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