Shocking and fearless: Man feeds huge brown bear a huge red lollipop, causing a storm of laughter

Viral: Have you ever laughed out loud at amusing animal videos on social media? No matter where you are, these videos have the power to make your day happier. Although these are adorable moments, keep in mind that you are working with wild creatures.

A recent internet video showing a man engaging with a wild bear serves as an example of this. It depicts a bear in a snowy region, patiently waiting, being approached by a Russian man.

The bear is then given a huge lollipops by him. The man gives the bear a gentle pat on the head as it gently savors the delicacy.

Despite the fact that this scenario seems adorable, it is important to recognize the risks associated with working with wild animals. These kinds of near contacts might have serious implications because of their unpredictable behavior.

Internet surfers are laughing heartily as a result of this video.

“Thank you for this year, true bear friendship,” the caption says. The video has received a ton of likes and comments in addition to 6 lakh views. Some people used memes to convey their responses, which varied from utterly absurd to rhetorical.

“When will he need a dentist?” a netizen asked. “Who doesn’t love a ChupaChup?” another person commented.

“See his happy foot on the tree stump!!!” a third person jokingly exclaimed. Another user wrote, “Why is that so cute in my opinion? This is among the most distinctly Russian things I have ever seen.”


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