The elephant and her beloved dog friend remained in constant contact until she took her last breath in the sanctuary.

Elephants are incredible creatures. They are highly smart, have a good memory and also have emotions just like humans.

Katherine Connor, the founder of BLES – Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary. The sanctuary is the home for retired and rescued elephants. After years of [mistre.atment], at least they can live a life free of burdens at BLES.

Boon Thong was an elderly elephant who was also brought here. A few years later, having experienced delightful times in her life, Boon Thong took her final bre.ath.

This time, she didn’t have any friends of her species around, but she had people, who always loved and cared for her.

That was Pancake, a dog. She was once a homeless dog wandering amongst the streets in Thailand, but now she is an irreplaceable member of Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary.

Pancake had nothing in common with Boon Thong, BUT she somehow fitted in perfectly well with the life among the elephants at the sanctuary. Pancake and her elephant friend – Boon Thong developed a close-knit relationship with each other.

They didn’t le.ave Boon Thong for a single second for nine hours in a row, their genuine love and sympathy were more valuable than anything in this world.

Pancake knew she was needed, to offer support and she quietly lay beside Boon Thong, until sunset — until the final bre.ath.

The sanctuary conducted a formal funeral for Boon Thong. They laid her down beside her other friends of her kind to reunite her with the ones she loved; they also surrounded her body with fruits and flowers and wished her all the best wishes.

The fact that an Elephant will mourn the of a loved one just tugs on my heart str.ings. 😭 They’re such brilliant, loving, intelligent beings and I’m sure Boon Thong felt that love and respect when she was taking her final breaths.

I’m not crying, YOU ARE. 😭😭💖

A death of any kind, human or animal is always sa.d, but thankfully this beautiful creature was not alone in her final hours. Compassion is priceless. ❤❤❤

The compassion animals have for each other is so beautiful! Not only do they have compassion for one another but for us humans. May this lovely elephant rest in peace 💖🙏🏼

H/T: Kingdomstv

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