Wild Dolphin Brings Another Fin to the Diver After He Removes His Own.

Wild Dolphin brings another fin to the diver after he removes his own.

When Evan Pender slips beneath the surface of the water to dive off the coast of Ireland, he enters a vast, otherworldly place that few people will ever have the chance to visit.

But even though Pender usually dives alone, he rarely stays alone for long.

Almost every time Pender dives, he encounters a friendly wild dolphin named Dusty, who emerges from the depths to greet him.


Dusty has been a presence on this stretch of coastline for over 20 years, known for her occasional interactions with boats and swimmers. But his interest in Pender seems motivated by more than just curiosity.

When he goes diving, she seems impatient to see him.


“I never look for Dusty when I’m in the water,” Pender told The Dodo. “She finds me, so she must enjoy my company.”

Pender often spends hours in the water with Dusty, exploring the underwater world with her, but always on her terms.

“All contact between me and Dusty is initiated by her,” Pender said. “I’ve never touched her in all the time I’ve been diving with her. I consider her an equal and I wouldn’t want to unbalance our relationship by rubbing her.

Through this trust and respect, Pender and Dusty’s friendship has blossomed – and it shows.


One day, while diving with the dolphin at his side, Pender momentarily removed one of the fins he was wearing from his feet. Dusty looked surprised, perhaps only then realizing that his fins were detachable.

This thought obviously persisted with Dusty, even after she and Pender broke up.

The next day, while returning to the water, Dusty appeared with another fin she had found. It was a gift – and with it, the friendly duo then played a game similar to fetch.

In that moment, the connection between Pender and Dusty grew stronger in their shared fun.

“I think I understand why dolphins play with objects. It builds confidence,” Pender said.

“With Dusty, she knew it was as enjoyable for me to dive and get the fin as it was for her. Otherwise, she would have wanted me to always drop the fin for her. But she wanted me to come down for it. She never skipped a turn.


Thanks to Dusty and interactions like this, it’s clear that the ocean contains not only seascapes to explore, but also real emotions.

Pender is reluctant to see himself as some kind of ambassador between humanity and the dolphins, but thanks to his incredible bond with Dusty, he built a bridge anyway.

“I feel at home underwater,” Pender said. “I love being with Dusty and our friendship is growing stronger and stronger.”

Watch the moment below:

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