6 Years Chained in a Yard Full of Rubble, Her Life Finally Found a Glimmer of Hopee

That night, some of our volunteers received news from the workers in the village of Shuvelyany .

They found a canecorso that was in terrible condition. The guys immediately set off to the rescue. And when they got there, they found this unfortunate girl. The entire left hemisphere of the unfortunate dog’s brain was enlarged due to edema.

He had difficulty breathing, his entire body was in pain and covered in stab wounds. We immediately got poor Tori to safety. It was unknown what happened to Tori and who allowed this to happen to her.

It seemed to have been someone’s pet, and then they dumped it in the street. Tori was then safe from the cold weather. She was exhausted and hungry. At the time, she was being monitored and cared for 24 hours a day.

First thing the next morning, Tori would be taken to the senior vet for as many tests as possible. Tori was taken to the vet that morning. His greatest fear was gone, on his face there was no cancerous tumor. It was a mass of pus and fluid that had accumulated in her body for months. It had taken over one of her eyes, leaving her unable to open or see through it.

He had to live with a toothache for many months. In addition to this terrible infection, he also had scars on his legs and back. The pain he endured was unimaginable. The results of Tori’s blood work and other tests would be available in a few days. His face was drained and clean. He needed to go back to the vet next week for further control.

He needed eye surgery and extraction of some teeth. She was taking a lot of painkillers and antibiotics at the time. She was resting and felt much more relaxed. Antibiotics and drainage helped her eyes open up. Tori was feeling so much better.

About 12 days had passed since she was rescued. It was amazing how his attitude had changed since then. She was a completely different dog, full of hope in life. Tori was still on strong medications and had to wash her face three times a day.

Tori was much happier when she found out she was about to be adopted. I would have a flight to Montreal this May. This sweet girl had suffered a lot. For more than six years, Tori was abandoned and chained in a rubble-filled courtyard.

His face was severely infected at the time of the rescue. I had never known love. This was his chance to achieve true happiness.

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